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If you are a Metal band looking for gigs please fill out and submit a booking request form to Power bacK Booking at the bottom of this page


We work with signed/unsigned bands and entertainers in gigging, touring, and event promotion who perform genres Heavy Metal, Thrash Metal, Black Metal, Death Metal, etc. Our booking agents do evaluate and review the band's music and media that is provided before offering any booking services, and we do look for bands that have a good draw (preferably 50+ people).

Power bacK Booking will book gigs and tours that cater to the unique needs of every band/musician in any city or state in the United States that signs up for our services.We are currently working on expanding our reach to other countries worldwide, and we are also open for collaboration with promoters outside the United States and support the worldwide Heavy Metal live entertainment industry.


   We ask only ten percent (10%) of net profit that exceeds one hundred USD($100.0). We will never take more than ten percent. If the net profit for a show booked by Power bacK Booking is under USD($100.0), no percentage will be deducted from the artist. 


    Most of us can agree that every serious musician looking for exposure must make every effort possible to promote their own show. But when it comes to marketing and promotion experience when Power bacK Booking books a show for your band, we definitely give you a hand in boosting promotion throughout social media and other platforms to maximize the number of potential headcount the night of your show. 

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