Sarita Lizcardi

From - Botaga , Columbia

Sarita Lizcardi  has been active in the world of professional modeling for 15 years. She has worked for brands of intimate clothing, erotic photography, protocol, is the official image of black metal bands from European countries such as Poland and France. Her image has been used on CD covers, front and back, she has been featured in music videos.

Here is the Velfragor album cover for "Pretium Liertas" Featuring Sarita 

Here is the Velfragor album cover for "Lilith's Oculum" Featuring Sarita 

Here Sarita is featured on the cover of the Velfragor album - "Apocalypse Insomnium"

    In the Velfragor video - Pretium Libertas The Charcter of Eve is protrayed by two models reffered to in credits as "Model Eve" and "Eve's Voice". 

 Sarita stars as "Model Eve"

Watch the video for Velfragor - Pretium Libertas

featuring Sarita as a depiction of Eve below...