Sarita Lizcardi


From - Medellín, Colombia

 Sarita Lizcardi  has been active in the world of professional modeling for 15 years. She has worked for brands of intimate clothing, erotic photography, protocol, is the official image of black metal bands from European countries such as Poland and France. Her image has been used on CD covers, front and back, she has been featured in music videos.

The following is an interview with Sarita Lizcardi conducted by Nygyl bryyN Blackwolf...

Wolf- What got you interested in extreme metal?

Sarita - "The reason why I was interested in extreme metal is because from a very young age I felt a fascination for this genre, its lyrics, chords, and the harmony that is handled with the instruments. Extreme metal is my philosophy and it has accompanied me for many decades.  I have been educating myself and working in modeling since I was 11 years old

Wolf -  How did you get started with modeling?

Sarita -  Because I have always had that passion to become a world-class super model. I started to be the image of youth clothing catalogs.

Wolf -  Tell me about Velfragor, how did that come about? How was the experience?

Sarita -  It's founder is Franco Mexican, he has always admired my work. Doing raw eroticism is not easy at all since each viewer is a different world. To capture in an image and generate many sensations for the viewer is magical. One day he and I had a very pleasant talk about our professions in more broad strokes, it was an incredible experience. I've been working with Velfragor for a year.

Above is the Velfragor album cover for "Pretium Liertas" Featuring Sarita . Below Sarita is featured on the cover of the Velfragor album - "Apocalypse Insomnium"

    In the Velfragor video - Pretium Libertas The Charcter of Eve is protrayed by two models reffered to in credits as "Eve's Voice" and "Model Eve". 

Sarita stars as "Model Eve"

Watch the video for Velfragor - Pretium Libertas

featuring Sarita as a depiction of Eve (The second female) below...

Wolf - Tell me about Besatt !

Sarita - I am a follower of the band for several decades, in 2015 besatt visited my country for the first time and I had the privilege of seeing them, there were a few short words, photos, autographs etc, in 2017 they returned, I followed their band and Grzegorz Pinieck , founder, vocalist, and bassist. I continued my work. In 2019 I wrote to him internally in a more intimate way and one day I shared with him material about my profession. He loved it! He has a fascination for eroticism and the real beauty of a lady. We became excellent friends! There are other very private data, which I prefer to have in full discretion.

Having seen and liking my work, he chose me for the image of one of his albums, "Sacrifice for Satan"!       What  an album gem!

(Pictured left is the photo that was used for Besatt - Sacrafice for Satan album inside photo featuring Sarita Lizcardi - pictured below)

He also chose me for one of his videos of his most recent work Supreme and True at Night

Besatt is a very important band for me, since I am of a very purist thinker regarding this genre. Besatt is a cult band and is a legend.  I longed to belong to that horde. Being there is not easy since Grzegorz Pinieck is a very perfectionist type of person!

Besatt - "Baphomet's Legacy" (Lyric video) 2021

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