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We do our best to bring the best and heaviest quality of live Metal music to your local music scene! For Metal fans looking for shows near you please subscribe to our Facebook events page to stay updated with the latest Metal shows with Power bacK Booking and Power bacK Productions bands!

For Metal musicians who are looking for booking services and someone trustworthy and easy to work with, here we have a lot of information for anyone who is interested in the live entertainment and music industry. 

  Power bacK Booking was first launched as Power bacK Productions' booking department around late 2014. It came to realization that a lot of musicians are not treated fairly in the Metal music industry, and this inspired Power bacK to take a step that makes this entertainment business stand out from most in the Metal music industry.

    The aim of this booking department is to empower metal bands in gigging and touring. We will book gigs and tours that cater to the unique needs of every band/musician in any city or state in the United States that signs up for our services through our booking submission form.

    We will retain 10% of the net profit after deductions only when the net profit exceeds $100.00, and if your band makes less than $100.0 USD that night, Power bacK Booking will not charge any percentage. In our view, this is the most fair pricing we can give to bands to get the exposure and the reward they deserve for their hard work.

   We only book and host the heaviest live metal events, and our services are not just limited to the bands that are signed with Power bacK Productions. After hosting several successful shows, Power bacK Booking saw a huge demand for booking in every location, and that brought the company to take a step even further by taking clients from anywhere in the United Startes. We do not always have a show opening or a spot guaranteed for you once you submit a booking request, but we do put you on our list to consider your band for any upcoming shows in a location near you.

NOW BOOKING gigs and tours all over the United States. Of course since this is a department of Power bacK Productions, we have a WORLDWIDE reach, and receive many requests from bands in other countries. We are currently working on expanding our reach worldwide, and we are always looking for booking agents in other countries to work with Power bacK Booking.

   Power bacK Booking does not always require pre sales, and no pay to plays. But we do prefer to book bands that could bring a draw of 50+ We help promote the event, but we still expect every band to do their best to contribute in promotion as much as possible. 

  What's most important to us is that every band gets fair and honest treatment, so we have paperwork for Performance Agreements and Rider attachments available, everything we put in black and white is to help protect bands in this difficult music industry.

   It is surprising that many people in the music industry do not always agree with our philosophy that bands deserve to get paid 90% of the net profit from live shows. But we do always offer a career opportunity for anyone who has a passion for Heavy Metal music and is motivated to start a career involving the genre. We hire booking agents and offer free training and hire qualified people with positive attitudes and good taste in Metal  music to book gigs as an official agent and representative of Power bacK Booking. If you are interested in applying to become a booking agent you can submit a employment application here.

Further more, Power bacK Booking is progressing with booking services, since Power bacK Models was launched in January of 2015, the modeling department has also progressed successfully. Many of the models who represent Power bacK are performers who do performance gigs with Metal bands such as Firedancing and Bellydancing.

So stay tuned with us because we always have more to offer for fans, musicians, and supporters of the live local Metal music scene.

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