Kristina Miroslavkaya

 - Minsk, Belarus

The first metal bands I heard were the bands my father listened to like Judas Priest and Black Sabbath. My father was a big fan of heavy metal.  As far as I remember, my first metal concert was a metal festival... Then I first got acquainted with the work of the Belarusian black metal band Nightside Glance.

I never planned to be a model.. However, one of my musician friends gave me this idea. Since then i have worked as a model for advertising t-shirts of metal bands

 I started drawing from an early age and drawing is still my passion. I like to create new worlds in my drawings, both beautiful and disgusting ... However, music is also my old passion, so I enjoy drawing for musicians: album covers, design t-shirts and logos.🖤

List of songs I enjoyed hearing on include :

Behemoth-Ora pro nobis Lucifer,


Satyricon-The sign of the Trident,

Watain-The fire of power

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