How to Get Signed

How to get signed

how to get signed

Is your band looking to find out how to get signed by a Heavy Metal independent record label? If you are a band or artist who is looking for a record label that is internationally known for taking on Metal music to it's extreme, your search engine has led you to the place you need to be! But the question is, what does a band need to do to better their chances of getting a record contract with a record label, specifically Power bacK Productions? We have some information about what we do for our bands, in addition to a little advice and tips to help understand exactly what would capture our attention and bring the interest of our A&R department in signing your band.

Power bacK Productions is a close knit family type of record label business. All of the bands already signed to the label are happy to help and share resources with all other bands within the label, teamwork is definitely our biggest thing! (See bands signed to Power bacK Procutions) Since we are a worldwide record label, this means you will instantly begin building your network internationally. This label will work hard to help all signed bands to succeed because your success is our success. This record label provides many services that are exclusive only to the signed artists. Our duty as your record label begins when we prepare contracts and documents that will serve your band as a business.

Our management will help your band's business function productively with free consultation such as organize your budget and help you prioritize your expenses, social media and effective marketing, and everything it takes for your band's business to be a professional one. We will guide you step by step to get your band business prepared to stake your claim in the music Industry with confidence and Power to back you. Once we help you get prepared to take it to the next level, your band will qualify for numerous opportunities such as music gear endorsements, radio plays, magazine publications, and a lot more!

Even more benefits to your band's advantage if you are looking to get signed specifically by a hard working label Power bacK Productions will be your band's biggest benefit. Being a part of the strongest and fastest growing independent network in the music industry, you will be able to manufacture, promote, and distribute music and music merchandise. Power bacK Productions will help you sell goods. We also do mixing and mastering for bands, and offer booking in USA at only 10% of paying gigs over $100.00 USD Visit our Booking Department

In order to begin receiving benefits we have to offer you must qualify, and here is how:

   1.You MUST have a genuine desire to become a successful Musician.

   2.Take care of business. You must understand that music is a business and needs constant attention.

   3.Be willing to take direction/ be coachable.

   4.Be willing to work hard to achieve goals. We will multiply your efforts so the more you put into your music business the more you will get out of it.

   5.Keep a positive mental attitude and an open mind. 

   6.Be willing to invest financially in your own band

   7.Your band and your music must be your only project of focus, we do not sign any solo/side projects

   8.Have a full biography of your band, it is always best to be able to write at least 500 words about your band.

   9.Your band lineup must be complete and secure, every member needs to be on the same page before you think about joining a record label.

  10. Be willing to communicate consistently with your record label.

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