Power bacK Booking Agent Sherriann Black

Most people know me as Sweetness, but after a recent event in the AZ music scene, people know me by my name Sherriann. My last name is Black, which I find befitting as a Metal fan. I'm from the hot East Valley area of Southern Arizona, where I have been enjoying awesome Metal and Rock shows for several years. I'm a Metalhead, but I also dig Rock music. Recently, I've joined a killer team of very cool people at Power bacK Booking as a booking agent.

The AZ music scene, which includes the bands, fans and supporters of the bands, venues, and promoters, have always been good to me. When given the opportunity, I enjoy working and networking with them. Many people are aware of how much I love Metal and Rock shows and it helps with booking events. As a booking agent, one of my biggest goals is to help see the success of the bands while working together with them. As a Metal and Rock fan, one of the best experiences is being among the crowd of fans and enjoying the talents of bands performing onstage. It's the best to throw my horns, head bang, and get lost in awesome music! So it's definitely my passion to be able to support the Metal and Rock music scene and help bands become successful.

For several years, I’ve voluntarily promoted Metal and Rock shows and events, through a personal entertainment page that focused on events in Arizona, California, and New Mexico. I've booked a few shows that turned out very awesome and many people have shared how much they enjoyed the shows. I've also had the opportunity to work as an event planner for a few years, so I understand how important it is to have a successful outcome for any event. As a Power bacK booking agent, it is my pleasure to be able to support bands on a whole new level! The whole idea is to be there as a resource for bands on their journey to success. 

There are past experiences, both in life and professionally, that have influenced me in my passion for booking. At an early age, my goal was to go to as many shows as possible, and as soon as I left a small rural town in Northeastern AZ,  I'm happy to share that I have been involved with many Metal and Rock shows for several years; mostly as a fan in the crowd, but after attending many killer shows with talented bands, I know that I want to be a person to help connect bands to the their fans and possibly their dreams. As my passion to be a part of the music scene continues to grow, being able to help out the bands is a huge influence of that passion. While being a part of the Power bacK Booking family, I'm even more excited to help bands share their music with not only the city they’re in, but with the world.


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