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Xena Fuertes, A&R ( Artists and Repertoire) and Artist Management of the record label Power bacK Productions as well as Power bacK Records. Born in Los Angeles, California, July, 6 1995 (20 yrs). I appreciate all the types of Metal starting from Old School Heavy Metal to most Extreme. I am also a vocalist, and a illustrator. 

In my early childhood I relocated to Jordan in the Middle East and lived there for 9 years. The life there was tough, and most of their society had no tolerance for any Metal music. I first found my harsh vocals when I was about 13 years old, I have more of a Death/Thrash kind of influence from vocalists I loved at that age such as Chuck Schuldiner, Angela Gossow, Johan Hegg, Nergal and many others. When I was about 15 years old, I found myself joining my first Thrash Metal band, and played several shows here and there, though we somewhat risked getting prosecuted by the legal authorities for playing such unholy music. The band ended before having the chance to put out the first song since I left Jordan in 2010, and I have yet to find a new band that fits my style and interest nowadays, so I turned to choose my career in helping other musicians, though maybe someday I might have a band of my own as well. 

I had not a single clue that I was going to be part of a record label until I first met Nygyl bryyN at a  Behemoth/Goatwhore show. I became an apprentice on the label learning everything about what it takes to sign artists, until I was ready to start my journey of scouting for bands to sign across all social media platforms. One of my very first finds was Mastabah (Extreme Black/Death from Poland) which was the definitely the type of band I was dreaming of when I heard the real brutality of "I Hate You" (Listen to the Album), I initially discovered Mastabah on Twitter when I first approached the drummer and founder Goro, Mastabah and Power bacK Productions quickly became best friends, and one family.

January of 2014 was the beginning of a rebirth for the label when we announced open demo submissions and handpicked 10 bands out of all the submissions to get signed to Power bacK Productions. From the open demo submissions we have chosen bands who are still signed to Power bacK Productions today such as Exiled Force(Thrash from California, USA), Edging RagE (Old school/Thrash from Texas, USA), and Doxa (Melodic Death from Mexico). Around the middle to the end of 2015, I picked up bands like Knocturnal Maddness(Thrash from Texas,USA), Shrap(India), I chose both bands who always take over every stage and win over the audience with their energetic performance and Traditional/Thrash influences. Around November of 2015 I discovered  Blasphemous Creation. (Death/Thrash from Nevada, USA) Simply I received a Facebook friend request from the front man of the band Isaac Wilson, and I saw the name Blasphemous Creation on his job status which without second thought clicked the name immediately because somehow I knew that I was going to love what I was about to hear from just reading the band name Blasphemous Creation. I became so infatuated, to get to work with this type of band that still presents the old school sound in Extreme Metal music, not to mention their explosive performances whiles sharing stages with many legendary bands in Extreme Metal.

I am very honored to have discovered musicians who are worthy to be signed under Power bacK Productions, and most definitely worth listening to. I am extremely happy to be by their side and helping them bring their career to the next level and be heard around the world. I am working with such great personalities, we all have a family type vibe together in Power bacK Productions, and we are here to guarantee real quality Heavy Metal.

Today, Power bacK Productions has several departments open to support and cater to Metal musicians such as Power bacK Booking (booking &events department) which is open for bands signed to the label, and we also offer services for the public. We also launched Power bacK Models (model directory). I help oversee all these departments as well. I help with training booking agents, and I book my own shows in the booking department. With the modeling department I help with scouting and signing/booking models and finding opportunities for them such as collaborating with the signed bands and more.

I learned a lot from Nygyl during my career, and from some independent coursework and deep research, and that is what made me into the A&R I am today. There are always new things in the music industry to learn and it is always changing every year, I utilize that knowledge to help every band I work with.

Becoming a part Power bacK Productions and taking this role in the music industry is really something that became natural for me the more I go further with it, and I seek to keep moving forward and help revolutionize the Metal music industry. My objective as a A&R and Artist manager is to work with Heavy Metal bands around the world to revolutionize the Metal music industry, get them all the recognition that they deserve, and flourish as a functioning business in the music industry. 


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