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Tonight we are going to be hanging out with Jordan and Val of West Of Hell and reviewing the album "Spiral Empire".

As usual, I will be providing the purchase link for each track as well as album art, photos and details about the band,

links, and more on the website


West of Hell Interview / Spiral Empire Album Review

Hello Val and thanks for joining me in the studio tonight. I feel honored that you would take the time to do this just as you 

are hitting the road for a tour!

West if Hell has been in bussiness for quite some time and has quite a repertiore to show for it.

Let's talk about the early days... you guys first started out in New Zealand, right? 

Can you tell us a little about the founding of the band? What was it like getting started and how was the scene?

Let's check out the title track for the album "Spiral Empire". This is West of Hell - Spiral Empire. 

What a powerful track! I think I speak for more than myself when I say that we can all identify with the political oppression.

So you guys changed locations. What brought about the move to Canada?

How would you describe the changes in the scene and the music there?

So is Vancouver the ideal location for West of Hell or do you guys consider relocating again?

You guys have gone through so many battles! What was the inspiration for the track "To War"?

Let's hear it! Here is West of Hell  - To War !

What a great battle anthem! This one is going to get plenty of spins on Power bacK Radio!

So anyone who follows me knows I have a fetish for blasphemy, darkness, and the occult.

What can you tell us about "Demon Sent"?

Fuck yeah! Let's give it a spin... Here is West of Hell - Demon Sent \m/

Oh yeah you know I like it!

Last year I had a special show entitled "Don't Burn the Witch" where witchcraft and magick were the theme for the show

I sure would have love to feature this track you have called "Water of Sorcery" . What can be said about this tune?

Let's give our ears up! Here is West of Hell - Water of Sorcery

Nice one! And you can see the video for the track you just heard "Water of Sorcery" on youtube and 

I have it up for you right now on our website powerbackradio.com 

So this world is so full of deciet. It often becomes quite a task to know what is real and what is fabricated these days

What was the inspiration and idea behind the Track "Father of Lies"?

Intense! Let's give it a go! Here is West of Hell - Father of Lies

Back to the Blasphemy! 

I'm interested in this track entitled "Soul Taker" 

What's to  be said about this dark tune?

Well that's enough to get my interest... Let's hear it! Here is West of Hell - Soul Taker

So the first song I heard was "Faceless the Droids" I found this song to be very dynamic and full of energy and melody.

After a little more listening I found this to be the general theme of album. What is this track about?

Right the fuck on! Let's spin it! Here is West of Hell - Faceless the Droids !

And you can see the video for the track you just heard "Faceless the Droids" on youtube and 

I have it up for you right now on our website powerbackradio.com

So I was on your youtube channel and I saw lots of home video episodes! How is your experience with this and what more can we

expect from your  channel and social media?

I love it! You guys are surely a great band to follow and I am so happy that you guys reached out to me! I look forward to 

seeing you guys live one day. Can you tell us about the tour you are embarking on right now?

Outstanding! Let's get go over the track "Singularity"?

Wow what a great tune and an absolutely incredible album!

And you guys have another album about to come out?

Hell fucking yeah! I cain't wait to hear the new album!

Val thanks for joining me tonight! Have a great tour!

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Until next week... Be brutal, be blasphemous!

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