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WARTHENAS was founded on May 22 2012 by Iwass and Black Wrath in Acapulco, Guerrero Mexíco while having some drinks and listening to music at Iwass's place. There the band was called by the name of The Howl. We do think this was a very good name regarding what we wanted to do, but we were looking for a more aggressive name and we came up with WARTHENAS

We wanted to make our band name sound that way because our music is based on darkness, spiritual war and tenacity which is an important element in battle. We try to instill our own belief system based on personal experiences on the sinister path by spreading the voice of the Horned one. 

   Iwass was founder of a Black Metal band called Regnum Tenebrae located in Acapulco, Guerrero, Mexíco. Black Wrath ended up being in the band after they were trying to look for a guitar player. A friend that was in common made it possible.  Later on Regnum Tenebrae was struggling in many ways, but I really don't want to go much deeper into detail on that.  The thing is that Iwass and Black Wrath were most of the time waiting for other band members to arrive to the place where we rehearsed and as nobody was showing up. 

  The drinks became more of a habit and we didn't want to stay still in our music career so we came up with the "The Howl".  Later on, the things started to become difficult due to unexpected turn of plans when Black Wrath moved out to an other state. So it is now a distance band from Mexíco City and Acapulco Guerrero Mexíco. Lately we have spoken about having the rehearsals here in City of Mexíco. 


 Iwass was born in Acapulco, Guerrero Mexíco on September the 13th of 1988. Black Wrath was born in Tijuana, Mexíco on June the 10th of 1990 raised and relocated for 8 years to the U.S.A. first lived for 4 years in the State of California at different locations. Those would be San Fernando, Santa Monica, Los Angeles center and Inglewood after that spending 4 more years in Las Vegas City in the State of Nevada. I went there

to greet 2 old friends I met around 2003 in Las Vegas by the name of Moy and Luis also known as pelon or greñas originally from Guadalajara, Mexíco both of them are uncle and nephew old school Demons from the past, but in the mean time WARTHENAS will keep on making plans for the future and we are looking to produce more music on the future through Power bacK Records .

(Pictured above - "The Devil Awaits...")

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We want to thank Donovan, also known as Rebelion, who has supported the band. It is also an honor to mention that is good to have a brother playing the bass and perform with us live. Hail to the band Tlacaelel and Tecpatl logo designer. So far we have released a demo called "The Devil Awaits..." with Satanic Reaper Records limited to 66 copies relisted on August 20 from the year 2016. (This album is about to be re-released through Power bacK Records with unlimited support).


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