Scarlet Phoenix  - Power bacK Model

  I have been working with photography studio as their model and event hostess. My duties included figuring out the themes for photo shoots, setting up events, inviting the photographers, selecting the models , help with costumes and props and scene setting. 

My Favorite bands include: Nightwish, Within temptation, Amaranthe, battle beast, In this moment, Epica, leaves eyes, Visions of Atlantis

  I am 31 years old, though I have been told I look a lot younger than that. Originally I am from Latvia, small town where I did not see any future if I have stayed. i was a shy and and introvert child who was bullied during the middle school years and my dream was to get out and explore the capital. Which i did I moved to the capital city Riga at the age 20. I studied music management there at the college, but have to leave the studies due to financial reasons.During this period i attracted some interest from local photographers because I had an interesting appearance.  At the age 23 I moved to Leicester UK where I started working simple jobs in warehouses and factories. There were couple of years where i felt  like I have lost direction in life. I regain that direction by pursuing 3 years in performing Arts which I successfully graduated. Another way how to regain my life direction and coping with depression and anxiety in 2018. I started to do some modelling work with local photographers, studios and events. After a while I was promoted to be a co host of a new cosplay based photography club Red Dragon. Also during these years In UK I have been participating in a few short films, TV shows,music videos, produced my own show for college, hosting photography events, modelling, helping in a costumes and props department and made head crowns to compliment my modelling and photography work.  


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