NECROROOTS is a black metal band formed in 2016 by "tertaro" and "eiacos", it was a night while we were taking, we got an idea to make a black metal band and taking advantage of that I was there tertaro I commented on the project that I had in mind, at the beginning we thought that this would only be a project of just creating music and sharing it with our acquaintances, this idea prevailed until I showed a song to our circle of fellow musicians, the impression they had about our music was good , so we decided to focus more on the project.

In NECROROOTS we want to spread black metal in the style of the "old school", create a dark atmosphere for the listener and make him feel the rawness and coldness of this musical genre.

The compositions run at the expense of tertaro and eiacos, tertaro is the one who performs everything that is drums, bass and keyboards, and eiacos performs guitars, lyrics and voice, between them they record all the songs of necroroots. For what was the content of the EP the songs had to be carefully selected so that the final result was to our liking.

The lyrics of NECROROOTS talk about different topics, for example in the song called "the chosen one" is spoken against the social structure, how it has kept us as slaves from the beginning, we can basically say that this song goes on against religions. Other songs talk about mythology, others about the night and how it embraces us in the dark giving us the inspiration to perform many acts some of which you regret and others do not, but mainly the lyrical goal of necroroots is that the listener opens the eyes of the environment in which he lives and that he realizes that much of what he looks at is a farce, we with our music want to guide that.



In this EP all our musical inspiration is contained, finishing it was not a simple task, the process lasted a little more than a year, without counting the time in which the songs were being created and selected. "But I really think it was worth it since we were able to achieve the main goal that we wanted" SONAR BLACK METAL "to make the listener really feel the songs, each one of the songs themselves are very honest in their theme and sound, each one is different from the other, none is similar, so EP is varied without losing the detail of the dark atmosphere of the genre. "


We have really been inspired by many bands but mainly bands like Burzum, Gorgoroth, Darkthrone and Satyricon have been the ones that have given us the most inspiration to create music and lyrics with reference to this genre. In fact, listening to these groups was how the wish arose in us. to make a black metal band, it was something that we had to do almost compulsorily. To hear so much darkness and coldness that emanated sonorously created in us this sensation.

NECROROOTS - A Flame Inside - Official video


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