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Unprofessional metal bellydance! They don't do restaurants, but they will do funerals! They are a metal bellydance duo from New Orleans featuring Hairy The Beast and Warta The Destroyer. The pair fuses various styles of bellydance with their own experimental moves to one of the most intricate and heavy music genres... metal. Their pieces are based on dark themes found in history, mythology, or the occult. They dedicate their time to drinking... and trying to figure out how to dance to metal music.

Hairy the Beast


Hairy's dance training began 'at the age of six with extensive classical ballet.  Her love for culture led her to explore outside the traditional dance realm and to her discovery of belly dance. Hairy's multi-faceted dance experience is reflected through Moonhoar's diverse choreographies. Hairy brings the structure and line to the bellydance routines, while Warta brings the chaos!


•Ballet/Pointe- Vagonova method under Rafael Grigorian (Bolshoi Ballet, Kirov Ballet)

         Tina Christina Price (Saratoga Ballet)

ABT method under Cindy Reid (American Ballet Theater, Joffrey School, Pittsburgh Ballet Theater)

       Steven Hyde (American Ballet  Theater)

       Lavinia Reid (Boston School of Ballet, the Boston Conservatory, American Ballet Center)                                    

Larry Brantley

Cecchetti method under Deborah Boughton

•Modern- Dancingtree Moonwater (Merce Cunningham, Louis Falco)

Larry Brantley

Limon method at The Ballet and Dance Center- Syracuse, NY

•Jazz- Deborah Boughton (Bob Fosse)

•Character- Rafael Grigorian (Bolshoi Ballet, Kirov Ballet)

Marisa Guzman (Puente Flamenco)

•Spanish Fan Dance- Marisa Guzman (Puente Flamenco)

•Bellydance: Egyptian Oriental, Turkish Rom under June Seeney (Artemis Mourat)

Cabaret under Zajal (Instructor at Ithaca College)

ATS under Jen Hodge (Fat Chance Bellydance, Jill Parker, Sammati Bellydance)

•Other training: Hip hop, flamenco, Irish step, Bharata Natyam, African dance, lyrical

Warta the Destroyer


Warta has had very little dance training. She might not look good in dance class, but if you put on some music and let her move, she will come up with the strangest 'Mary Wigman on crack' type movements. This natural-unnatural dance ability lends itself to creating Moonhoar's psychotic convulsions, twitches, and ugly moves.


•Square dancing at the local fire hall- Bobby Jo


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