Mike Holderbeast

Mike Holderbeast is a Director/Producer/Videographer at his film company Cement Level Studios, located in New Orleans, LA. He has done work with Power bacK bands as well as many other well known bands. We are grateful to work with him as he brings the highest quality videos and images.

 He works very closely with the music community, both locally and abroad. He was worked with a very notable list of bands as you will see when you scroll down to see the provided list with links to videos. More great videos coming soon.

Here is the video for

Southern Whiskey Rebellion -

Scars In Her Eyes

Here is the Video for

 Misanthropic Innoculation - Bleed the Prophet

A video my Mike Holderbeast.

New things are coming as always. With the coming re-release of the first two Southern Whiskey Rebellion albums and release of the third, what better way to celebrate than to shoot an official video for The Prophet of Green Mountain. Until the official video comes you can watch this live clip to hold you over.

Southern Whiskey Rebellion -

The Prophet of Green Mountain


Featured in the soundtrack for 4 Lions Gate films as well as 2 popular television shows. Here is 4Mag Nitrous live!

Here is the Live  Video for

COONGRASS - 4Mag Nitrous

Melody, Metal, Murder. Secrets stay safe in the mud.


More great videos on the way. 

Feel free to check out more of his work by clicking the links below.

Power bacK Bands:  Misanthropic Inoculation

Southern Whiskey Rebellion

4Mag Nitrous

 And More great bands he works with 

                                              A Hanging

Beast In The Field

Big Frank

Black Witch God

Cavalera Conspiracy

Chaos Aeon




Diamond Plate

Dirge Within

Disciples Of Thrash



High On Fire

Kingdom Of Sorrow

Lazarus A.D.

Morning 40 Federation

Mystick Krewe Of Clearlight


Ritual Killer

She's Still Dead


The Black Dahlia Murder

The Devils Rain

The Void


Andre Williams

Cowboy Mouth


Khris Royal and Dark Matter

Leo Nocentelli

Mia Borders

Micah Mckee And Little Maker

Mykia Jovan

Nikki Glaspie

The Essentials

The Revivalists

The Roots Of Music

Treme Brass Band

Walter Wolfman Washington


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