My name is Mandi and I am 36 from Appleton, Wisconsin. I am currently going to school for healthcare management, but music has always been my biggest passion, it has helped me through all the good and bad times in life. I am a proud mom of three boys that are all into metal like me.

 My music taste is all over the board but my favorite style of music will always be the genre that shakes the very foundations of music (METAL)    

Why do I like metal the most? I love both the style and attitude unapologetically loud, fierce and full of raw emotion. Distorted guitars, guttural screams,and blistering drum fills that awaken my inner beast. I grew up listening to mostly thrash metal as it was my dad's favorite genre. Some of his favorites that I really got into were Iron Maiden, Megadeth, Testament,Destruction, and Exodus. 


My dad was a drummer, which is why I decided to take on drums here and there and eventually wanting to get on them again since my kiddos want to start up a family metal band. 


Currently I listen to a lot of Melodic, Death, Doom, Thrash and some black metal. Some favorite bands of mine are Dissection, My dying bride, Amorphis, Mastodon, Cattle decapitation, Goat Whore, Possessed, Alcest, Archgoat, Arsis, Destruction, Kreator, Nile, Morbid angel,Arsis, Old Man's Child, Hate Eternal, Suffocation, Obituary,

 Opeth, Isis, Vader, Internal bleeding, Beyond Creation, Orbit culture, Testament and soooo many more.

I am so excited about being a booking agent. I know I have a lot to bring to the table with my knowledge of music and having a lot of friends in the music industry. I will do all I can to make sure your band is happy and at ease and I look forward to working with you! Thank you so much to Nygyl Blackwolf for this amazing opportunity. - Mandi McGuire

You can request to work with Mandi by filling out the submission form below. We look forward to receiving your submission - Nygyl Blackwolf


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