Left Hand Path

  Left Hand Path is a one man Black Metal band focusing on imitating and poorly copying the famous band U.A.D.A. Creating a harsh poser atmosphere in DSBM and traditional BSDM.

  "My inspiration for Left Hand Path was my love for DSBM and all the things I had going on in my life. I felt I could bring a strong presence to the black metal scene." - Says Verin Path

 " Left Hand Path was founded as a means to make music that I liked for myself. It was originally never intended to be heard by anyone. After people had heard the demos I had made, they encouraged me to release it to the public which I did. " - Verin Path

  Left Hand Path is from Houston, Texas, USA and originated in 2015.

   When Verin Path was asked to give a brief bio and describe the sound of Left Hand Path this is what he had to say -

 "DSBM, traditional black metal, misanthropic soundscapes...

 ... I got involved with Power Back after hearing Power Back Radio. I found it very interesting that a record label was also broadcasting great music 24/7 exposing people to music they may not have heard otherwise. Nygyl Bryyn Blackwolf got in contact with me and I liked his business model, ideas and now here I am."

 Left Hand Path has successfully toured using session musicians but future plans include having a full band up and running to provide the dark music of Left Hand Path to the masses in the form of live shows.

 Last album "For Those Left Behind" has reached completion. An anthology release that consists of loose singles, demo tracks and completely unreleased works can be expected as well as a new EP to be released sometime in the near future.

 Left Hand Path wants the ablity to tour the world, hit Europe and show that USBM is a worthy contender in the genre of black metal. 

  Thanks to all of you who show support and have continued to support everything I do. My music comes from a lot of experiences in life and my main goal is that it resonates with fans of Left Hand Path. Without you, I would be nothing.


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