Kaitlin Yosick

Hey there! My name is Kaitlin Yosick and I’m a booking agent from Ohio. I attended college for business and marketing but eventually dropped out because it wasn’t my passion, music was. I have held various jobs in the music industry from booking, helping bands set up and tear down at their shows, running merch stands, making logos, stickers and flyers, to working behind the bar. My number one goal as an agent is to make the touring experience as easy and fun for the artist as possible.


My music taste is all over the place but rock and metal are always my go to.


  I grew up listening to nu metal bands like Slipknot, Limp Bizkit, and Mudvayne. A Day To Remember, Asking Alexandria, Chidos and so many other bands got me through my teenage emo phase (it defiently wasn’t a phase). All of those bands helped me transition into my love of heavier bands like Left To Suffer, Lorna Shore, Wage Ware, Dying Fetus and Spite. Of course, I still have a deep love for the classic bands like Motley Crue, Slayer, and Judas Priest.

 I can’t wait to add your songs to my rotation and watch you grow as artist. When I’m not working or going to shows I’m listening to music,

hiking, or hanging out with my fiancé and animals Motley (cat), Dahmer (cat), and Pheobe (dog). Live music has always been a staple in my life. I’ve gone to shows of just about every genre of music but there’s no crowd like the metal crowd. The atmosphere is unmatched; we all watch over each other and during the show we are all family.


It doesn’t matter to me if I’m booking your band for one show or for an entire tour you will be treated like family and with the upmost respect.

Without touring artist like you I wouldn’t be getting paid to do what I love every day.
Fill out that submission form and let’s get on the road so we can open up the pit and ROCK ON!

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