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The Independent Musician Page is all about  Unsigned Artists. Whether you are an artist of a fan of underground, there is something in here for you. Check out Forkster's top unsigned artists for reviews and samples of music from some hard working unsigned artists or Join The Independent Musician Forum to expand your network.

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... esp your own or your own favorites. Do you have some great music you just put together? Want to share it? We get to experience a lot of great music from people all over the world with my different styles and genres. Remember respect first and foremost. We have a melting pot of people from all over the world with different kinds of music, a variety of cultures, and many people  may speak various languages. This is an open group and anyone from any genre or musical background is welcome and encouraged to join. If you need advise, there are a lot of positive and insightful people who are will to share knowledge and advice as well as an opinion if you need one. have fun 

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And now a word from Forkster:

I don’t gloat or brag, but just want you all to know that FORKSTER knows like so many of you with the radio not having any music substance now doesn’t mean were stale musically, in fact, we are flourishing with brilliant music all over the world, brilliant INDEPENDENTLY Signed and Unsigned Music Artists “Rocking It Out” everywhere and FORKSTER will “Always” do his part on his blog site here to give you his perspective and views of the shining music stars out there today!

We need to ALL keep “Striving forwards” for good music to get back all over our rocking world airwaves AGAIN!


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