Booking Agent  with  Power bacK Productions

( Elizabeth pictured left )

  I’m excited to have the chance to be part of the Power Back Booking team and help Nygyl realize his one of his goals which is giving musicians an opportunity to earn Fair and higher payment from their live performances and spread extreme metal here in LA and where ever else possible!

  I met Nygyl Blackwolf, CEO of Power Back, a few years ago and he’s been an influence in my life since then. He introduced me to extreme metal! In hanging out with him and listening to his radio station I’ve grown to be a huge fan of the music. Some of my favorite bands are Dark Funeral, Belphegor and Satyricon. I was surprised to find that there were harder genres of music that talk of the occult and death and that are much more fast paced and upbeat than that of goth music. I still like bands I’ve listened to for years like Sisters of Mercy and Dead Can Dance, but finding songs like Der Geistertreiber and Beast Above Man took it all to another level.

  I was lucky to be able to see Dark Funeral and Belphegor play together at 1720 here in LA before the pandemic and that was one of the best shows I’ve seen. I remember Belphegor had some sort of animal bones for sale on the merch table and I thought this is weird and morbid and absolutely awesome! I’ve been attracted to the dark and shadowed parts of things pretty much my whole life but being introduced to extreme metal was like passing a point of no return! If I have bad internet connection in the car and can’t get signal to listed the radio station ( powerbackradio.com ) it’s almost painful to have to listen  to fm radio. I choose silence and road noise instead a great deal of the time when that happens. To be given the chance to spread this music and help extreme metal musicians build their careers and expand their fan base almost feels like doing public service. I look forward to challenging myself in this new endeavor and delving deeper into the dark and powerful world that is extreme metal.

Hail Satan!

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