About Power bacK Productions

About Power bacK Productions

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about power back productions

    We just celebrated our third year in business and look forward to many more as we face the trials of being an independent record label making our name among Heavy Metal record labels.

    We are still on the ground floor but that floor just got much bigger now that Power bacK Productions has expanded to include such businesses and services as Power bacK Records, Power bacK Indonesia, Power bacK Properties, and introducing Power bacK Models. 

    We work with companies from various areas around the world to build a strong network geared toward building a better industry for musicians, bands, and everyone involved.

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About Power bacK Productions

    Power bacK Productions, started out as an independent record label that was mostly Heavy Metal but included Hard Rock. Strangely enough, we are an American record label, but we started out working with bands both locally and overseas in our first year. 

    We found ourselves growing and moving forward with other business included into Power bacK Productions.

Power bacK News

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 With the constant change and development, shows, tours, and gigs, and everything else going on, we decided to keep our news organized and in one place. 

This new blog site will keep you updated with current and recent Power bacK topics and trends.

We are proud to announce the launch of Power bacK Records in October of 2014. 

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          Power bacK Records a Heavy Metal record label that is dedicated to bringing you more of the hardest working Heavy Metal bands on the planet. This will be the Metal only specialty of Power bacK Productions. 

          With a handful of Metal bands such as Mastabah from Poland and Svet Kant from Ireland, you will find style and diversity with your Metal. 

          We keep a diverse collection of programs dedicated toward the development, refinement, and monetizing a music business.

 We work with Heavy metal bands and other independent record labels to help make the Heavy Metal music world a better place to be.

Power bacK Models

    Power bacK Models is a Heavy Metal model directory. The intention of this directory is to provide opportunities for models to work with bands, and for bands to work with models. 

More details about Power bacK Models and official submission form TBA

Power bacK Properties

          CEO Nygyl bryyN has taken a recent interest in real estate investment and development. He plans to use a major portion of the profit created by the real estate projects to add to funding campaigns for Power bacK featured artists and a handful of other programs including a future charity program, in collaboration with other record label(s).

          CEO Nygyl bryyN is currently enrolled in Fortune Builders Mastery Program and is determining the best way to build the new real estate company up to a level of success that creates funding for a variety of funding campaigns.

 We are working on several projects and we are still going through demos... we always look forward to checking out new music so send your demos here