Power bacK Productions is more than happy to present Apothesary, a heavy metal band taking the metal scene by storm.

  One heavy day, in 2009, Apothesary was formed by a couple of 14 year old's from Concord/Clayton, California. Members include  Jared Eandi- Lead Vocals, Clayton Cagle- Lead Guitar/ Backing Vocals, Greg O'neill-Drums and Logan Shackleton - Bass

    After  releasing three demos and one EP, APOTHESARY signed to the former Itchy Metal Entertainment (Now Itchy Music) and released one full-length album and an amazing EP titled, “They All Carry Ghosts” released on Christmas 2012. Through consistent show schedules and constant activity on almost every facet of social media, APOTHESARY have garnered a fan base both domestically and internationally and have received both media and corporate attention from well-respected industry heads and businesses. APOTHESARY have completed numerous regional tours and have shared the stage with the likes of As I Lay Dying, Fear Factory, Dying Fetus, Helloween, and countless others. 

"If furious and technical Thrash Metal is you alley, I’m sure you will buy their awesome effort “A Harsh Reality” undoubtedly. Apothesary, best young aged Thrash Metal act of 2011!" 94/100Stefan - Metal to Infinity

"They brought some serious game… I was especially impressed due to the fact that they are just as consistent as when I last saw them in June of 2010. I would definitely make the effort to go see these guys."Hailie Hay - ZME Music

Check them out for yourself. Here is a lil' playlist to get you started...

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