Power bacK Booking Agent Sunni Sonnier

Well, hey!  You found me!  Here I am, just weird little ol me, y'all.   My name is Sunni Sonnier and I'm addicted to music. 

Music has always been a life long necessity of mine but over the past few years, it's become a huge part of my daily life, and not just for personal pleasure.  I work at a little beer bar in Beaumont, TX called the Texas Rose Saloon.   Not only am I a professional beer slinger, but I get to bring live music to people's earholes every weekend and play a part in helping to build up the local music scene in my area.   I'm always looking for new talent and am a big believer in giving musicians  (life long or aspiring) a place to jam and be heard.  Gotta start somewhere, right?   

With that being said, my goal with teaming up with Power Back Radio and Promotions is to do my best to bring musical talent everywhere accepted.   Competition, discrimination, rivalry, greed and selfishness has been a huge breakdown in the scene over the years and it's time for a change.  Booking shows has been more than just creating events, confirming dates and so forth for me.  During my experience, I've got to meet some amazing people, come to care about them on a personal level, and continuously gain even more respect for these musicians with every show or conversation had. Getting up on stage is more than just getting up on stage.  Booking shows is more than just booking shows. Both take dedication and heart. Not everyone can do this but you know what? I sure can. ;)

I'm pretty open to most genres but metal is my favorite.  Who would've thought? ;) Haha!  Maybe it's just me but the world just doesn't have enough metal.  So....I'm going to make it my mission to make it happen everywhere I possibly can.   Thanks to Power Back Radio and Promotions, I've been given an opportunity to do just that, other than just the bar I work at.  I'm not perfect but I can guarantee that I'll give it my best shot every single time. 

Music has never failed me.  I think it's only fair to try to return the favor. Thank you, musicians. Thank you, music.  Thank you, metal.  Thank you, Power Back Radio and Promotions. Let's expand the music scene together.  It's time.