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Power bacK Productions is a multi-level, worldwide Heavy Metal record label in its rapidly progressive beginning phases.

Our mission is to give power to artists and musicians.  We give the freedom and the opportunity for bands musicians to achieve the recognition they deserve for their hard work, talent, and true ambition from the heart. 

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What We Deliver

We bring you music from the most prevalent  Metal scenes where it is alive and well in metro areas, to the rarest taste of Metal where it is scarce in it's geographical region.

Whether you think Metal is dead in your town or country, or you just need help developing your fan base and getting your band to the next level, we are here to help your kind. New or already established, we have the resources for you. Metal can be an underground scene in some places. But also, Metal is a crime in many countries. We know how it is to see nothing but closed doors…but there is always opportunity! We fight hard for Metal music.

Power bacK Productions is the record label that gives artists that chance, and we fight for every artist/band to be heard and be an established successful business in the music industry. 

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Power bacK Productions is a growing beast opening new doors for musicians.

Official Metal roster is coming year of 2015 under our branch of Power bacK Records,newly  launched October 17th, 2014. We are currently accepting demo submission from anywhere in the world Click here to go to our submission page.

If you play Heavy Metal, Thrash Metal, Death Metal, Black Metal, Metalcore, wherever you are in the world we want to give you the power and serve you to play true music for the world. Always feel free to approach us. Click HERE and learn more details on how to get signed to our record label and fill out the demo submission form.

Power bacK is expanding worldwide, we have taken over a new Metal scene in the undergrounds of Indonesia. 

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We welcome you to check out our new branch Power bacK Indonesia, exclusively focusing on the Metal scene based on Indonesian language and culture for the fans in Indonesia run by our representative Levi Salvian Janitra

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44 Fires
44 Fires is bringing the political rock to Power bacK Productions. This European Metal band has a great Alternative Metal sound!
Bad Grass
Bad Grass is a Heavy Metal trio from New Orleans, Louisiana. Combining, Thrash, Blues, and Metal.
Misanthropic Inoculation
Misanthropic Inoculation is a Death Metal band from Lafayette, Louisiana. Power bacK Productions.
Prisoner Massacre
Power bacK Productions Presents PRISONER MASSACRE | Metal from Jakarta Capital Region, ID
Sacrifice in Vain
The "Sacrifice in Vain" is a play on words where as such in love, people make selfish sacrifices that are made in vain and in vein.
Southern Whiskey Rebellion
Southern Whiskey Rebellion has been pounding the southern metal scene with LOUD guitars ,whiskey, and the art of drunken sludge riffery.
About Us
About us: We are a Heavy Metal record label that is going to continue celebrating life on this rock by bringing you more of the hardest working heavy metal bands on the planet.
Nygyl bryyN
Nygyl bryyN is CEO and founder of Power bacK Productions a Heavy Metal, Independent record label.
Matthew Schoeffler
Matthew Schoeffler
Power bacK Indonesia is the Indonesian counterpart of Power bacK Productions and Power bacK Records, your favorite independent heavy metal record label
Independent Musicians
Power bacK 's Independent Musicians Page is all about Unsigned Artists and reviews. Check out Forkster's reviews. Join The Forum.
How To Get Signed
Looking for Heavy metal record labels looking for artists and accepting demos? Learn how to get signed to Power bacK Productions
Videos. Brutal and independent heavy metal from Power bacK Productions/Power bacK Records
Moonhoar. Dark bellydance for a wicked city. We mix various forms of bellydance with our own dance creations to blend with our favorite music... METAL!
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Hang out and chat at Power bacK Productions Heavy Metal Chat room.
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