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    Power bacK Productions is a newcomer among independent American record labels but we are not here to compete with other  heavy metal record labels. we work with talented heavy metal bands from all over the world. We are a new label that is created, run, and maintained by heavy metal musicians and metalheads. We have a lot of Irons in the fire, but we also have a tremendous amount of fire! We have a lot in store for you. We are undergoing much change here at Power bacK. While we work on this major shift in business, we will be bringing new changes in the website, bringing some new bands, new music, and since someone is about to win this microphone we will have to come up with something else to give


  There is still time to win the singed vinyl copy of Acid Bath's album: As the Kite String Pops. Get in on the auction and bid for a chance to get this rare collectible and help find a cure for Muscular Dystrophy.  

Acid Bath for the Cause

This album is a one of a kind. When the Kite String Pops by Acid Bath has been autographed by all surviving members of the band. In honor of his father, Audie Thomas Pitre, Audie Layne Pitre has signed in his name. The album is set in an elegant display case and is accompanied by a collection of pictures authenticating each signature. Theres also a couple of extras also included. All money raised from this auction will be donated to MDA (Muscular Dystrophy Association) on behalf of Pushing Paddles for a cure.

So we have a you tube channel full of hard and heavy music. We are new to you tube. As you may know, we are a new record label, but we have a few videos to get started with and we have more on the way. No matter what your brand of metal is, we are sure to have something you will love.

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"Since I created this group, I have seen many musicians, speaking many langauges, from around the globe... I have seen bands form, great gear being sold, but best of all I got to make many great friends and hear multitudes of interesting music... I also found some motivated, talented musicians to work with... If you are a musician, this is your forum..."  

  - Nygyl bryyN - CEO Power bacK Productions

Chances are you may want to see more great Heavy Metal Music videos. We know a place where you can see Music videos from a list of great bands.

Dare to enter the world of the Beast.

Mike Holderbeast that is.

44 Fires
44 Fires is bringing the political rock to Power bacK Productions. This European Metal band has a great Alternative Metal sound!
Bad Grass
Bad Grass is a Heavy Metal trio from New Orleans, Louisiana. Combining, Thrash, Blues, and Metal.
Misanthropic Inoculation
Misanthropic Inoculation is a Death Metal band from Lafayette, Louisiana. Power bacK Productions.
Prisoner Massacre
Power bacK Productions Presents PRISONER MASSACRE | Metal from Jakarta Capital Region, ID
Sacrifice in Vain
The "Sacrifice in Vain" is a play on words where as such in love, people make selfish sacrifices that are made in vain and in vein.
Southern Whiskey Rebellion
Southern Whiskey Rebellion has been pounding the southern metal scene with LOUD guitars ,whiskey, and the art of drunken sludge riffery.
White Light Cemetery
White Light Cemetery is a band based out of South Louisiana.The only goal is to create a pure and organic sound that naturally happens when the band is in a room together...
Videos. Brutal and independent heavy metal from Power bacK Productions/Power bacK Records
Moonhoar. Dark bellydance for a wicked city. We mix various forms of bellydance with our own dance creations to blend with our favorite music... METAL!
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