Power bacK Productions

    Power bacK Productions is a Heavy Metal record label that is making its place among other record labels, worldwide.

   We cater to various genres of metal such as thrash metal, death metal, and black metal.

  We bring you some of the most brutal and hardest working bands for various places around the world. We have a lot to share with you so come back as often as you like. 

Power bacK Productions/ Power bacK Records is proud to announce the newest members of the Power bacK family, 4ESTIGMA. Taking the Power bacK for heavy metal in Chile.

Power bacK Records is excited to announce the officially signed band 4Estigma a Heavy Metal band from La Serena, Chile....

Posted by Power Back Records on Saturday, May 30, 2015

 Coming soon are release from Prisoner Massacre, Dark Desolation, and 4Estigma. We also have some exclusive videos to share with you on our official youtube channel, in the making.


Power bacK Mission 2015

    Ever since we officially launched in 2012 we have worked hard to bring you music from the most prevalent  Metal scenes where it is alive and well in metro areas, to the rarest taste of Metal where it is scarce in it's geographical region.

    Metal can be an underground scene in some places. But also, Metal is a crime in many countries. We know how it is to see nothing but closed doors…but there is always opportunity! We fight hard for Metal music.

    Power bacK Productions is the record label that gives artists that chance, and we fight for every artist/band to be heard and be an established successful business in the music industry. 

  We are honored to have the privelege of working with so many great metal bands from around the world. 

 This year we opened up our second roster . The original roster (Power bacK Productions roster) is still in tact and we have rescently released Power bacK Records. 

About the 1st Annual
Power bacK Records Roster

Power bacK Records Logo Lightening Bolt Fist

Last year we asked thousands of bands from around the world to submit demos and basic information. It was not easy to choose only 10 bands from the numerous submissions received for the first ever Power bacK  Records roster. Visit PowerbacKRecords.com to learn more about Power bacK's Elite Metal roster which consists of only 10 bands!

Power bacK is expanding worldwide, we have taken over a new Metal scene in the undergrounds of Indonesia. 

We welcome you to check out our new branch Power bacK Indonesia, exclusively focusing on the Metal scene based on Indonesian language and culture for the fans in Indonesia run by our representative Levi Salvian Janitra