Here is a great band that sounds best loud. Check out Apothesary

Apothesary is on tour now with Repaid In Blood. This is a show you are sure to remember.

Here are a few videos for your hard and heavy appetite!

From New Orleans, Louisiana, USA   -   Bad Grass

That felt great didn't it? How about some death metal from the heart of Acadiana?

From Lafayette, Louisiana, USA  -  Misanthropic Inoculation

Ok now let's go on over to Phoenix, Arizona, USA to check out Frequis

OH yeah don't you just love finding a great new song, video, or band that makes you want to go crazy? We look around the world for some of the most dedicated musicians and we present them for the mere indulgement of your senses.

 Now Let's sail on over to the U.K. to check out a political hard rock band.

From Birmingham, England, UK - 44 Fires

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Chances are you may want to see more great Heavy Metal Music videos. We know a place where you can see Music videos from a list of great bands.

Dare to enter the world of the Beast.

Mike Holderbeast that is.

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Misanthropic Inoculation
Misanthropic Inoculation is a Death Metal band from Lafayette, Louisiana. Power bacK Productions.
Prisoner Massacre
Power bacK Productions Presents PRISONER MASSACRE | Metal from Jakarta Capital Region, ID
Sacrifice in Vain
The "Sacrifice in Vain" is a play on words where as such in love, people make selfish sacrifices that are made in vain and in vein.
Southern Whiskey Rebellion
Southern Whiskey Rebellion has been pounding the southern metal scene with LOUD guitars ,whiskey, and the art of drunken sludge riffery.
White Light Cemetery
White Light Cemetery is a band based out of South Louisiana.The only goal is to create a pure and organic sound that naturally happens when the band is in a room together...
44 Fires
44 Fires is bringing the political rock to Power bacK Productions. This European Metal band has a great Alternative Metal sound!
Bad Grass
Bad Grass is a Heavy Metal trio from New Orleans, Louisiana. Combining, Thrash, Blues, and Metal.
Videos. Brutal and independent heavy metal from Power bacK Productions/Power bacK Records
Moonhoar. Dark bellydance for a wicked city. We mix various forms of bellydance with our own dance creations to blend with our favorite music... METAL!
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  And change is exactly what we see happening. Despite how hard it is to get a metal band booked, there are new venues popping up still and more festivals than ever. There is more heavy metal in soundtracks. Heavy metal is taking over again. We will continue to present to you the hardest working brutal bands around the world. So keep your horns up and on with the brutality!

 Bad Grass is bad ass! So much sound is created by this Heavy Metal Trio From New Orleans, Louisiana. Combining Thrash, Hard Rock, and Blues to create an audible experience full of southern flavor that anyone can enjoy.

Frequis is a five piece rock band from Phoenix, AZ. Their dark and sludgy sounds are reminiscent of grunge, metal and progressive rock, but the band's distinctive sound comes to life through the use of noise, a powerful voice, a relentlessly driving rhythm section, dynamic guitar solos, and high octane live performances.

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