Power bacK Productions heavy metal record label

 Power bacK Productions is a Heavy Metal record label that is making its place among other record labels, worldwide.

 We have a variety of heavy metal bands in various parts of the world.

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Heavy Metal Releases from Power bacK Productions

New music video by Shrap from India, "No Hope No Mercy" just released! and just signed by Power bacK Productions! Check out their biography

MASTABAH'S "I Hate You" is now available digitally and in compact discs on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify, Bandcamp, and all other popular music platforms. !!

Next up is a release from a hard working band in Jakarta, Indonesia. They signed to Power bacK Productions in 2012. In fact, they were the first band to get signed. They have faced many struggles and misfortunes in the beginning including a loss of the masters for the first release. With the band in a rebuilding phase and new music in the making, we fortunately were able to restore and re-master rough mixes the band submitted as demos. A few songs are lost and gone forever but the demo tracks served us well enough to put together an EP that displays this bands freshman release that displays the bands musical talent. The progressive metal grooves are sure to entertain even the entry level metal dabbler 

 We have a lot in store for you including music, videos, live shows, merch, contests, giveaways, and much, much more. Courtesy of your favorite powerful little worldwide record label.

 We thank all of you who have been with us from the beginning and were patient with all our trials and we value everyone who supports us as we grow and evolve to become the most rewarding label in metal. 

  We currently have a contest going on to get more followers on Facebook. We are giving away a band new, in the box, Shure SM58LC dynamic microphone. For contest rules and best chance at winning please check out the link below and follow the instructions outlined in the video. We have nearly reached our goal so don't delay!

 More good fun and great music is on the way so get connected with us in any and all ways you like. We have more album releases scheduled in the near future and we are in negotiations with a few more bands we find interesting. Visit us often as we continue to update and upgrade your favorite label.

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